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Frankie Pastor-Rivera Doesn't Have It All Figured Out

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Frankie Pastor-Rivera is truly an inspiring individual in the Creighton community. I hope that you enjoy our conversation. Tons of awesome insight from Frankie!

Frankie Pastor-Rivera is a rising Junior at Creighton University. Frankie is an energetic leader with a passion for helping others. In his sophomore year at Creighton, Frankie became the Creighton Students Union President. Before Frankie took over the Students Union, I knew him as a member of my RSP when I was a peer leader. The positive impact that Frankie leaves on those around him was evident to me from the first day that he stepped on campus. I am excited to have him as the Students Union President and proud to call him my friend.

"The moment you get push back, it means you are doing something right."

Frankie talks about the importance that he finds in family and shares stories about his grandfather. Utilizing the lessons from his family, Frankie shares the journey of putting Creighton PRIDE shirts in the bookstore and working with the Brophy Advocacy Club to reverse discriminatory practices through Arizona legislation. In each of these endeavors – and anything that requires meaningful change – Frankie teaches us that there will ALWAYS be push back. He tells us the advice of his mentor: “The moment you get push back, it means you are doing something right.” Positive change requires taking a step against the status quo, and many people are NOT a fan of changing the status quo. Frankie teaches us that battling through adversity and difficulty can be an aspect of making positive change. He inspires me to be less afraid of the loud, negative voices and embrace my values to take action.

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